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Career focused education and placement assistance with the Winner of a Victorian International Education Award 2016

When you choose to study or partner with Health Careers, you are choosing an award-winning training provider. Health Careers is the 2016 winner of the Excellence in International Education – Private Education & Training category in the Victorian International Education Awards 2016. Career focused education and placement assistance opens the door for students to pursue many exciting opportunities in the healthcare sector around the world.

State of the Art Education and Simulation Centres

Healthcare is a skill based profession. State of the art simulation centres at every Health Careers campus and Learning Hub allow our students to practice and assess their skills and techniques in the latest ward conditions, using patient simulator manikins. Students can perform various procedures to improve their skills in a safe and realistic environment, and are trained in basic and advanced techniques of patient care. Practicing in a realistic simulated environment improves patient safety by honing the skills and knowledge of students.

Flexible Delivery with 24/7 Student Support

Health Careers curriculum is delivered in modes that suit the needs of students and recognises that work, learning and life should be able to coexist together with all programs available via blended delivery. Health Careers Learning Hubs may also provide support for students in their home country and offer simulation facilities, host regular webinars and group discussions and provide support for students as they undertake their study.

Students may also access 24/7 online support services online, or via telephone, Skype or email. This means that regardless of the time of day, or where you are in the world, a Health Careers team member is available with one-on-one guidance and support.

Developing skills to Work World-Wide

Health Careers is committed to creating new opportunities for students around the world to develop and enhance their skills, and for Government’s and healthcare organisations to more effectively develop the future health workforce.

Students at Health Careers benefit from a world-class education and training experience designed to challenge and develop their competency and their capability to work in a variety of healthcare settings. Education programs and resources are regularly benchmarked against the best practice from around the world to ensure they remain relevant and up-to-date.

Training Partners: Staffing Solutions and Systems

We connect our training partners with our worldwide network of students and healthcare professionals so they may deliver curriculum that meets the needs of industry, and students, in their country. Health Careers considers education to be one of the most important elements in developing the service delivery capability of the healthcare sector.

As a recognised and highly regarded provider of quality education, training and management systems, Health Careers works with leading academics and researchers, and partners with industry to develop future workforce and training strategies.

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