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Expanding Scope of Enrolled Nurses

By Aswathy|March 14, 2017|Australian Education|0 comments

There is a well-defined scope of practice for each category of nurses in Australia. The role of enrolled nurses has been observed to be expanding in many healthcare facilities and practice settings. One of the most important roles is now being given only to enrolled nurses and that is medication administration. Since this is one crucial aspect of treatment, these […]

Statistic of the Week: Shortage of Nurses in Australia

By David Webb|February 3, 2016|Australian EducationAustralian Education,Nursing|29 comments

According to the Australian Government’s (2012) Health Workforce 2025 report, a significant shortage of nurses in Australia has been predicted. The shortage of doctors projected was much smaller, at only 2700. In fact the report projected a shortfall of 109,000 nurses by 2025. One of the key findings was that Australia’s healthcare sector would “…continue to remain highly dependent on […]

Full video: Interview with Jyoti Sarkhot, Early Childhood Educator

By David Webb|February 2, 2016|Australian EducationAustralian Education,Specialty News|1 comments

Early childhood education and care, formerly known as childcare, is undergoing processes of both professionalisation (Thomas, 2012) and expansion (Department of Employment, 2012). Previously I shared a training needs study by two of my colleagues. Interviewing an early childhood educator This week I had a chat with one of the educators involved in the development of the new childcare courses, […]

Statistic of the Week: Hours of Work for Australian Nurses

By David Webb|January 27, 2016|Australian EducationAustralian Education,Nursing|1 comments

According to the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF, 2012), which is the main representative body for Australian nurses, the average nurse in Australia in 2011 worked 32.8 hours a week. In Australia a full time load is considered 38 hours per week. This average therefore reflects the fact that a portion of nurses work on a part time basis. In fact […]

The Folly of Safety Pins in the First Aid Kit

By David Webb|January 25, 2016|Australian EducationAustralian Education,Healthcare|1 comments

Last week I was working on some advertisements and a page on the website for the first aid certification course and CPR renewal course. You can view the page here. What you will not see now is the little stock photo I had originally used. I thought they looked great and lots of people were clicking on them. I even […]

Who Studies and Why? – Post Secondary Education in Australia

By David Webb|January 20, 2016|Australian Education|0 comments

Everyone studies, right? Most Australians’ first experience of study takes place in schools, since participation in primary and secondary education is mandatory. As of 2011, 64.1% of Australians had tertiary qualifications either from university or from vocational education and training (VET) institutions, with that percentage being on a fairly steady upward trend over the preceding ten years and higher education […]

Statistic of the Week: Which Nursing Skills are Most Important

By David Webb|January 13, 2016|Australian EducationAustralian Education,Nursing|0 comments

The Australian Government Department of Employment cites US department of labor statistics (2015) showing that, based on their research methodology, the nursing skill allocated the highest importance by study participants (85% importance) was social perceptiveness. Active listening (80% importance) and critical thinking (75% importance) also rated very highly. While medical knowledge topped the list of forms of knowledge required, it […]

Disability, Aged Care and Home Care – One Starting Point, Three Pathways

By David Webb|January 13, 2016|Aged CareAged Care,Australian EducationAged Care,Australian Education,Courses|0 comments

If you have been seeking a qualification in disability support, aged care or community care, then you could be forgiven for wondering why many of the courses out there are apparently being discontinued. The answer, and I have this on good authority, is because the Certificate III in Aged Care, Certificate III in Disability and the Certificate III in Home […]

Early Childhood Learning Industry Training Needs Study

By David Webb|January 5, 2016|Australian Education|0 comments

A Study by Mr John Varghese and Mr Russell J. Freemantle Download Full Article Here Article Summary and Discussion – Early Childhood Learning Industry Training Needs Study Mr Russell J. Freemantle (Director of Studies) and Mr John Varghese (Business Relations) undertook a study into the training needs of early childhood education and care facilities. The study’s data collection was concluded […]

Children! Won’t somebody think of the children?

By David Webb|December 22, 2015|Australian Education|0 comments

Benefits of Early Childhood Education and Professional Care of Children Children! Who doesn’t love those adorable little blighters? Seeing them laughing, smiling and learning, reminds us that there is hope for the future. Do you want to be reminded that we have not all been corrupted by the vices of this world yet? Then look to the example of the […]

Charting Australia’s Future Healthcare Workforce

By David Webb|December 8, 2015|Australian EducationAustralian Education,Healthcare|0 comments

The Community Health and Skills Council’s ‘Building a Healthy Future’ 2015  Environmental Scan A new study by the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (CS&HISC) entitled  “Building a Healthy Future: Skills, Planning and Enterprise”  attempts to chart Australia’s  future workforce and skill development needs in the face of continuous evolution of industry issues. The 2015 Environmental Scan has been produced […]