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Complaints and Appeals

Students enrolled at IHNA have ongoing access to a Complaints and Appeals procedure which features both an internal and if necessary, an external process.

Internal Process

The features of the IHNA Complaints and Appeals Process include:

  • Written records of all complaints and appeals
  • Registering complaints and appeals are at no or minimal cost to the student.
  • Allowance of a support person at any complaints or appeals meetings
  • Written statements detailing complaint and appeal outcomes
  • Resolutions to complaints and appeals are acted on promptly.

Anytime a student disagrees with a decision made by IHNA management or staff, they may submit a complaint in writing. A decision by IHNA management
concerning the students appeal outcomes will be provided to the student in writing.

External Process

If student disagrees with appeal decisions of IHNA Management, they may access the Overseas Student Ombudsmen at no cost to further address their complaints
or appeals. Please refer to the student handbook for further advice.

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