Initial Registration for Overseas Registered Nurses(IRON)

IRON Course Details

IHNA provides quality training courses for nurses who wish to practice in Australia. At IHNA, we are committed to making the transition of international nurses who wish to start practice in Australia as smooth as possible.

Our comprehensive learning environment and student support services are unique and customized to each student's individual needs, and are regularly updated with relevant practices. Our courses are delivered by experienced nurses who are practising in Australia and are well versed in current professional competencies.

IHNA offers the latest course content in medical technology the world over, and our courses stand apart due to their systematic and structured approach to both theory and clinical practice. The IRON course for nurses qualified overseas equips them with the local knowledge, skills and the understanding of medical professional practice in this country, and provides them with a comprehensive overview of the Australian healthcare system.

Over 2000 students in over 100 batches have completed courses at IHNA with highly successful results, and have gone on to achieve almost 100% job outcomes.

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Course Overview

  • Course Aim

    Course Aim

    This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and understanding to practice safely and competently in a variety of health care settings. On successful completion of this course, graduates will be eligible to apply to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) for registration as a Registered Nurse.

  • Admission Criteria

    Admission Criteria

    As part of the application process, all candidates are required to:
     1.    Provide a letter from AHPRA confirming eligibility to undertake the IRON course.
     2.    Be successful at IHNA selection process.
     3.    Appropriate reference checks.

    For further information about AHPRA’s eligibility letter requirements, please click here.

  • Duration & Mode of Delivery

    Duration & Mode of Delivery

    The course consists of 9 weeks full time study, comprising:

    • 4 weeks: Theory sessions at campus
    • 5 weeks: Professional experience placement sessions at clinical facilities

  • Course Start Date

    Course Start Date

    Face-to-Face Delivery

    Melbourne Campus Start Dates
    22 June 2015
    03 August 2015
    14 September 2015
    19 October 2015
    Perth Campus Start Dates
    25 May 2015
    06 July 2015
    17 August 2015
    21 September 2015
    26 October 2015

  • How to Apply

    How to Apply

    The application process involves 5 steps: application, interview, offer letter, payment and confirmation of admission. Applicants must successfully complete each stage in order to enrol.
    There are three ways which applicants can submit their initial application:
    1.    Online: Applications can be completed online by clicking
    2.    Email: Applications can be downloaded from
    here. Once completed, scan and send the application by email to
    3.    Post: Applications can be downloaded from
    here. You can send your completed application and required documentation to our Perth or   Melbourne office. Addresses for these offices can be found here.

  • Course Assessments

    Course Assessments

    Throughout the course students will be assessed using a variety of tools such as:
    •    Seminar presentation
    •    Written assessment
    •    Practical assessment
    •    Project work
    •    Examination or testing
    •    Professional experience placement assessment

  • Employment Opportunities

    Employment Opportunities

    Once registered with AHPRA, graduates can work as a Registered (Division 1) Nurse in a range of health settings in Australia such as: acute care, chronic care, aged care, rehabilitation and mental health. Health care settings include hospitals, aged care facilities, disability services and rehabilitation clinics.

           Nursing is a great career for people wanting to work in a broad or specialised environment. Here is a list of job search websites that will help you look for your ideal job: 

    As the leading online health care and nursing jobs website in Australia, Health Career is committed to the delivery of quality services for nurses and to being the leading site for nursing jobs.

    Jobs4Nurses enables nurses to search, compare and apply for specialist and general roles from around Australia. This popular site lists a variety of nursing jobs on one easy to use website. We are devoted to nursing professionals and understand your needs and wants when searching for that perfect match in a job.

    MyCareer aims to provide you with the best jobs from the best employers across Australia, while also delivering you new ways and new technology to make it easier to find the job that’s right for you.

    SEEK is Australia's number one job site with over 150,000 jobs online and visited 14.7 million times each month

    There are also many job agencies in Australia that recruit overseas nurses – some examples are: WA Health National and International Recruitment, NSW Overseas Recruitment, Ramsay Jobs, Nursing Careers Australia, Affinity Nursing and RNS Nursing Recruitment.

  • Course Accreditation

    Course Accreditation

    This course is recognised throughout Australia and is accredited by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jasmin Lajarca says:
18th May 2015 7:42pm

course dates for the year 2016

Stephy Thomas says:
18th May 2015 7:49pm

Dear Jasmin, Thanks for contacting IHNA. We will be having intakes every month.Currently the start dates for 2016 are not scheduled.Once schedule ,we shall let you know. Kindly update us your AHPRA status to assist you better. Thanks & Regards Stephy

jayan sreedharan says:
21st May 2015 1:28pm

How much will be the total cost for some one to come from India and complete this course

IHNA admission says:
21st May 2015 1:34pm

The course fee for the bridging program is 10,900 AUD with flexible payment plans. Regards IHNA Admission

tupou says:
22nd May 2015 10:15am

I am a registered nurse in Fiji Islands. I would like to become a registered nurse in Australia. What courses do you have to obtain a bachelors degree in nursing and the cost?

Manpreet says:
22nd May 2015 10:17am

date of enrolement for august session. And regarding the payment plans , what is the upfront for an internationally qualified nurse.

IHNA admission says:
22nd May 2015 8:47pm

we have IROIN program registered nurse .Once you complete this course successfully you can work as registered nurse in Australia.course duration is of 9 weeks unfortunately we are not providing bachelor of nursing

IHNA admission says:
22nd May 2015 1:48pm

We have 03rd August for the IRON program in Melbourne.Payment plans The Course fee for IRON program is 10,900AUD.With flexible payment plans. • At the time of enrolment - $1,500/- • Before start of the course - $4,000/- • Remaining amount in two equal instalments or before clinical starts

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