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Still have your registration but not working?

The RN Refresher Program is ideal for those wishing to maintain registration and return to work, including those who have been temporarily away from work due to injury, illness or maternity leave. Opting for the full refresher package, which includes clinical placements is ideal as it will refresh your knowledge, skills and application of knowledge and skills in a clinical setting.

Want to practice nursing in a different setting?

By undertaking the refresher program you can refresh your knowledge of contexts of nursing beyond your current role. Those who opt for the full refresher package with the placement component can then apply what they learn through clinical placements in the setting they wish to enter. For example, an RN who has always practiced in an aged care setting can experience an acute care setting or vice versa.

Stay sharp and excel in your current role!

If you are currently practicing in the role you want, you can still benefit from a refresher program. You can undertake the theory only package online while you work or package it with a simulation workshop to keep your skills sharp.

Registration Lapsed?

If your AHPRA registration has lapsed, then we have another course that is right for you. Click here to find out about re-entry.

The Registered Nurse Refresher Program allows registered nurses to update and refresh their knowledge and competency in acute care nursing. This program has been developed for nurses who wish to enter into the acute care setting, or who would want to move from one role to another, like management, education, or research to clinical practice. This program has the added advantage of allowing nurses to develop their skills in an acute care environment, while continuing to work in aged care.

This course will provide registered nurses who wish to return to active clinical practice with core competencies so they are prepared to resume clinical practice safely, competently and confidently.

Registered Nurses will bring the depth of caring and nursing insight from their previous experiences to the health care environment, which will be all the more enhanced by discovering the latest technology, management of medical or surgical conditions, and evidence based advancements.

IHNA is committed to providing a supportive learning environment through the expertise and guidance of our experienced educators.

Note: Please note that this course will not lead to registration with AHPRA.

"Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are encouraged to apply".

Course Overview

On successful completion of the course, the students will be able to:

•  Explore and comply with professional standards, organisational guidelines and legislations in delivery of nursing in a range of health care settings.
•  Demonstrate collaborative assessment, planning, management and evaluation of clients with complex care conditions by effectively utilizing inquiry based approach.
•  Appreciate and demonstrate key concepts of evidence based nursing care and nursing informatics in managing individuals, families and groups with acute and chronic care conditions in a manner which reflects an awareness of their age, social, religious and cultural status.
•  Contribute to the further development of nursing knowledge by undertaking nursing research or inquiry in their work practice.

Module 1: Contemporary Issues & Trends in Nursing (CITN) 10 hours
Module 2: Comprehensive Nursing Care (CNC) 50 hours + Lab Simulation (Elective 30 hours)
Module 3: Concepts & Challenges in Nursing Practice (CCNP) 10 hours
Module 4: Clinical Practicum (PEP) Elective 160 hours

Theory assessments are based on

•  Case study
•  Literature review
•  Group discussion via on-line platform (computer conferencing/written posting)
•  Clinical skills competency assessment
•  Medication administration and calculation test

The Refresher program comprises of three units of study and an elective clinical placement experience. Student can choose anyone of the following options to complete the course:

   • Online Theory (70 hours)
   • On Campus Clinical Simulation Workshop (30 hours)
   • Online Theory (70 hours) + On Campus Clinical Simulation Workshop (30 hours)
   • Online Theory (70 hours) + On Campus Clinical Simulation Workshop (30 hours) + Clinical
     Placements (160 hours)

Clinical placements are organised in consultation with the student.

Students will receive a certificate equivalent to attending hours of the course and 20 CPD points individually on attending online theory and face to face workshop.

Registered Nurse Refresher Program will not lead to registration with AHPRA

•  Online Modules - AUD $900 (including GST)
•  On Campus Clinical Simulation Workshop – AUD $900 (including GST)
•  Online Modules + On Campus Clinical Simulation Workshop - AUD $1,600 (including GST)
•  Online Modules + On Campus Clinical Simulation Workshop + Clinical Placements – AUD $4,600

All candidates are required to:

•  Be currently registered as Registered Nurse Division 1 with the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Registering Authority(AHPRA).
•  Provide evidence of a current police check and immunisation records.

(This applies only if Module 4 Professional Experience placement is chosen as an elective).

This course may provide you employment opportunities as registered nurse in a range of healthcare settings such as: acute care, chronic care, aged care and high dependency units.

This course may also provide pathways to attain nursing and health care qualifications, such as Post Graduate Certificate, Post Graduate diploma or Masters of Nursing.

Online (Blended) Delivery

Campus : Melbourne(Heidelberg) | Perth
May 13, 2017
Jun 12, 2017
Jul 10, 2017
Aug 14, 2017
Sep 11, 2017
Oct 09, 2017
Nov 13, 2017


30 Jan 2017 - 2 Feb 2017
06 Mar 2017 - 09 Mar 2017
1 May 2017 - 4 May 2017
5 Jun 2017 - 8 Jun 2017
24 Jul 2017 - 27 Jul 2017
28 Aug 2017 - 31 Aug 2017
25 Sep 2017 - 28 Sep 2017
30 Oct 2017 - 2 Nov 2017
27 Nov 2017 - 30 Nov 2017


30 Jan 2017 - 02 Feb 2017
20 Mar 2017 - 23 Mar 2017
24 Apr 2017 - 27 Apr 2017
29 May 2017 - 01 Jun 2017
02 Jul  2017 - 05 Jul 2017 
28 Aug 2017 - 31 Aug 2017
25 Sep 2017 - 28 Sep 2017
30 Oct 2017 - 02 Nov 2017
27 Nov 2017 - 30 Nov 2017

The workshop dates are modifiable as per the number of students.
Please contact our campus for booking the seat.

•  Online: Direct online application from IHNA website ( By Clicking on 'Apply Online' Button)

People with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Our Code of Practice includes an Access and Equity Policy. This document is available on request. It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that your requirements of the Access and Equity Policy are met at all times.

Please refer to IHNA’s Fee Payment Policy and Refund Policy in IHNA website under 'Students' => 'Policies, Links and Forms'

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