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Language, Literacy and Numeracy Test

The Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Test checks your readiness for study in Australia. These skills are considered to be fundamental for work, and are an important component of any training program. This test includes various tasks that can identify an individual’s level in the core language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills of Learning, Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and Numeracy. This test is adapted from the tasks bank developed by Precision Group in collaboration with Commonwealth of Australia.

This test contains assessment tasks that are aligned with the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). The ACSF is a national framework that provides a consistent national approach to the identification of the core LLN skills requirements in diverse work, training, personal and community contexts. It is a common reference point for describing and discussing performance in the five core LLN skill areas.

This tool tests your readiness for study at the Diploma qualification level, and you may use the results to assess your eligibility to enter a course at this level.

Why should you assess core LLN skill levels?

By assessing core LLN skill levels, we can identify an individual’s skill levels, which are then compared with the LLN levels required of a training program (or unit or qualification), or workplace tasks. The assessee may be new to the training sector, or may be up-skilling or re-skilling to a new course or qualification.

Basically, the assessment determines whether the person should complete an LLN bridging program before commencing the training, or requires LLN support throughout the training program (or unit or qualification) or workplace tasks.

Any skill gaps that are identified can be addressed in various ways, by undertaking  bridging courses, specialist LLN practitioner support, or activities provided by a vocational trainer with knowledge of developing LLN skills.

Approved LLN assessment tools:

The approved LLN Assessment tools that meet the VET Student Loans program student entry requirements are:

Tips on choosing the ‘right’ LLN testing tool :  

A. Check out the foundation skills that matter most

You can start by checking the range and complexity of the foundation skills required to demonstrate task competency. This way, when you identify learners’ existing foundation skills you can make an informed decision about cohort and individual support strategies.

How to go about this:

  • Identify the range of foundation skills that matter most in your industry context.
  • Identify a Pre-training assessment tool that assesses and reports on the range of foundation skills that matter most in your industry context, if not how can they be assessed?

B. Consider learners’ characteristics

Being aware of the learners’ characteristics may influence the process and tool you select. In general, generic contexts are preferred. Candidates must be familiar with the content – for example content related to everyday life of an adult living in the community. If the content is unfamiliar, this can be a barrier to interpreting the instructions, tasks,  and resources. Such issues can skew the outcome,  and provide you and the learner with information that does not truly indicate learners’ competency.

How to go about this:

  • Ask them if the Pre-training assessment tool context is recognisable to most learners?
  • Ask whether the Pre-training assessment tool is easily accessed by the learner cohort?
  • Ask if necessary, can the learners access the Pre-training  assessment through an alternative way?

C. Check whether the test is paper-based, or on-line tool?

IHNA’s foundation skills assessment tool includes a mix of online and paper-based assessments.

It covers all 15 foundation skills across 5 levels of complexity – LLN (ACSF) and Employability skills. (CSfW) and has been extensively validated by foundation skills experts. This validation process is ongoing as it is in a thorough trial phase.

To know more about the tool including how the different core skills are assessed, go to the Foundation Skills Assessment Tool site.

Currently, FSAT may not be used for VET Student Loan learners.

VET approved online tools:

Online tools at this link: Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment tools have been approved by DET for VET student loan program student entry requirements. At present, there are 6 approved tools, each of which can be used as a Pre-training assessment tool for all students.

The tools identify if learners Reading and Numeracy skills competency is at, or above, or below ACSF Level 3. Note that some of the tools on the list include assessment of Oral communication, Writing and Learning as well, and that each requires a service fee payment.

Please ensure:

  • that tasks reflect the most important foundation skills
  • that the tool is trialed, to check for foundation skills consistency
  • that each of the tasks is validated by a foundation skills expert
  • that assessors have explicit foundation skills performance criteria
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