IHNA has grown in stature and size over the past few years!

Our new branding conveys our growing strength and focus.

We're excited to announce our new branding, with the focus of IHNA's brand identity being our new logo. IHNA has grown in stature and size over the past few years, and we felt the need to establish a new brand identity that conveys exactly what we stand for.

Our new colourful logo symbolizes our ideals and epitomises all that we strive to achieve. It incorporates elements of Australian landscape and culture woven into imagery that recalls elements of Australian identity. The logo shows a kangaroo, signifying Australian identity, and rings or dots which traditionally represent a water hold, thus signifying a source of life, vitality and nurturing amidst the harsh desert landscape.

The various colour swirls recall landscape components: sun, desert, vegetation and sky, with shapes that are also reminiscent of a boomerang, thus reinforcing the signification of Australian identity. Within that context, the red of the heart represents life, which is sustained by the landscape. At the centre of the logo is a heart symbol with a superimposed healthy cardiac rhythm graph, representing healthcare and nurturing.