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IHNA values the contribution of its stakeholders to provide quality training to students. IHNA aim to build mutual beneficial relationship with industry stakeholders to enhance the opportunities for our students to learn and gain job outcomes. We encourage innovation and flexibility, while ensuring quality Standards are met.

Employers rely on IHNA to provide essential skills and knowledge to both new entrants and existing workers. The standards require IHNA to maintain strong engagement with industry to ensure their services remain relevant to the needs of employers, and graduates are job-ready.

Benefit to learners

  • Learners benefit from high quality training that equips them for employment and/or further study in their chosen field.
  • Learners are confident they hold the skills and knowledge their certification describes and are well-equipped to undertake
    relevant tasks safely and productively
  • Graduates have enhanced employment prospects because employers are confident in their abilities

Benefit to employers

  • Employers know that graduates are capable of meeting relevant accreditation requirements and can apply the outcomes from their training directly to relevant industry frameworks straight away.
  • Employers know graduates are ‘job ready’—capable of being productive and safe workers with current, relevant skills and knowledge from ‘day one’
  • Employers have active involvement in the training and assessment of their apprentices and trainees.

Benefit to community

  • The community benefits from a highly skilled and productive workforce and subsequent economic benefits at a local, state and national level
  • Quality training and rigorous assessment results in an excellent international reputation and a strong and growing export market.

Benefit to IHNA

  • Providers delivering quality training have prosperous businesses with an excellent reputation in the domestic and international market
  • Providers that demonstrate commitment to quality outcomes enjoy low regulatory intervention and can take advantage of emerging opportunities quickly
  • Providers can access government funding and preferred supplier programs.

IHNA stakeholders

We value the contribution and continuous support of our stakeholders. We are committed to improve participation of stakeholder contribution in order to deliver quality training. We are continuously improving our services to deliver training programs, which meet or exceed quality standards and expectation of our stakeholders.

HCI Learning hubs

Learning knows no boundaries and should have no borders. Education and learning are key enablers to participation in society and are very influential in shaping a better future for all.

At Health Careers International (HCI) we believe that all people, no matter their location, status or personal situation should have the opportunity to study and learn so they may participate in their local community, seek employment and open new opportunities for a better future.

A HCI Learning Hub will open the door to a world-wide network of exciting new curriculum and resources all delivered through a HCI Learning Hub, at times that suit the student – their work and their other commitments.
At a HCI Learning Hub students are able to utilise the latest resources, participate in tutorials or join a group discussion about curriculum or a particular area of study, or join other students from around the world to complete a group assignment. Students will benefit from the knowledge and commitment of leading educators and clinicians from around the world who will regularly present tutorials and lectures at Learning Hubs around the world.


IHNA has established a partnership with the LINET Group, Europe’s largest producer of innovative, high-quality healthcare beds, antidecubitus mattresses, furniture, and comprehensive solutions for hospitals and nursing care facilities. Linet’s high quality hospital systems are in intensive care units, standard care departments, pediatric departments, senior homes, domiciliary care agencies around the world.

IHNA students and industry partners are now able to train and develop their clinical skills utilising the latest Linet products in IHNA simulation labs.

Further information about Linet products are available here Or download a brochure about Linet products.

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