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Application Process

What you need to know about IHNA’s application process for all International Students.Read More »

Application Process

Read more about visa conditions and criteria for international student such as academic progress, attendance and current address details.Read More »

Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation

Students may request a deferment or suspension of their studies during the course by visiting this page.Read More »

Academic Policies and Procedures

Get more insight into IHNA’s academic policies and procedures that are meant for international studentsRead More »

Student Support Services

Get information about various helpful student support resources that can be proven handy for the international studentsRead More »

Student Visa Options

Learn more about the different Visa classes and how it varies depending on your field of study here.Read More »

Information, Advice & Support

We have a genuine interest in our students’ futures and we are committed to making your future our priority!Read More »

International Student ‘Code of Behavior’

Learn about the ‘Code of Behaviour’ that international students have to follow during their study time with IHNA.Read More »

Student Complaints and Appeal

IHNA’s Complaints and Appeals procedure helps the international student to submit complaints in case of any disagreement or Disputes.Read More »

Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS)

The Department of Education manages the ESOS legislative framework. It maintains CRICOS and PRISMS, and educates education institutions about their ESOS obligations.Read More »

Informative Video for Students from NCVER

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