As part of our strategy to expand in Australia and overseas, the Institute of Health and Nursing Australia is keen is to work closely with new education agents from all around the world, and to build long-lasting relationships.

A brief about our institute:

The Institute of Health and Nursing Australia is a vocational training organisation in Australia. Our headquarters are in Melbourne, and we have three campuses in:

  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Sydney, New South Wales
  • Perth, Western Australia

IHNA is specialised in healthcare courses in nursing, education, community service, healthcare management and soon in communication and languages. We do offer several short courses that aim to provide professional development mainly for nurses, but anyone is free to enrol in them.

Our courses are delivered both Online in blended delivery mode, and Face-to-Face. We do offer clinical placements for some of our courses in Australia.

Most importantly, IHNA’s courses are nationally accredited by National Recognised Training (NRT) in Australia and follow the Australia Qualification Framework. What does that mean? It means that people who get qualified from our college, can find a job and work in their industry in Australia and anywhere in the world as these accreditations are well-known and recognised.

For higher education, visit our Institute of Health and Management site.

Find an Agent

IHNA is currently working with several agents all around the world. Search for the closest agent in your current location in the map below.

How to become an IHNA agent?

To become an agent with IHNA and represent us in your region, IHNA has some guidelines and procedures that must be followed to ensure the services provided to our students are guaranteed.

You can download our Education Agent Application Form and send it to the following email upon completion:

Click here for registration.

Click here to see the list of agents.

Other Information

You can learn more about:

  • Our Courses
  • Education Agents Manual: To fully understand how we work, your responsibilities, students’ rights, and policies, please read the following document Education Agents Manual