IHNA aims to promote the vision and values of the college with the distinct tagline “Never Out of Work”.

In fact, all programs that IHNA offers foresees and caters to the rising demand in job opportunities of the future. "By 2050 we will need 980,000 aged care workers in the industry to meet the challenges of increased demand, consumer choice, a rapidly changing marketplace and the integration of new technologies." (from the aged care report, Caring for older Australians)

We need to meet the expectations of our students by ensuring our support and assistance in helping them obtain international, industry-relevant qualifications that ultimately lead to suitable jobs. This will require regular collaboration with the industry in order to fully comprehend the growing needs of industry.

I seek the support of all staff of Health Careers to promote this initiative and assist us in procuring more enrolments, completion rates as well as well-qualified, industry-ready graduates.

IHNA’s goal is to meet the "Never Out of Work" commitment, and for this we need to set benchmarks in the following areas:

  • Quality of Education
  • Teaching and Assessments
  • Student Experience
  • Excellent facilities and resources
  • Meeting Regulatory Standards
  • Job outcome for graduates
  • Sound financials of IHNA

Please share your ideas on how we can achieve this goal. I look forward to hearing from each one you. As the CEO of the college, I am cent percent positive that if we meet or even exceed our students’ expectations, I can promise you “Never Out of Work".

Bijo Kunnumpurath