Why Early Childcare Education Matters?

By Jibin Jacob|May 4, 2017|CEO’s message|0 comments

The early years in a child’s life are crucial to their overall physical and mental development. Even babies perceive everything they see, touch, hear, and feel. They are able to interpret things differently just like adults based on their circumstances. A child’s very first learning experience is the bond he or she develops with their parents.

Early childcare education revolves around three aspects of development: emotional, social, and physical. While many parents and teachers are mostly concerned about only the physical development of a child, emotional and social progress and growth is just as important. There is a need to identify certain conditions like autism from a very early age and adopt methods and strategies that minimize their impact on the personality of a child. Autistic children are the ones that need more attention, both by parents and by teachers. Early childcare education can help understand these issues clearly and take steps to rectify them.

If you want to adopt childcare as a profession, you first need to find out how to work in childcare. First and foremost, you need a license to practice childcare. Not everyone is qualified or trained to contribute to a child’s physical and emotional development by taking into account all aspects of growth including cognitive and mental abilities. Secondly, you need some sort of experience before adopting it as a full-time profession.

There are childcare centres and pre-schools that serve to deliver early education in Australia. However, at this level the education is not compulsory and parents may forego the opportunity of sending their kids to educational centres at this stage. While the home is the first learning place for a child, it is still encouraged to send the child to a daycare centre or pre-school to learn to interact with other kids and develop many new skills. The teachers are equipped with the latest knowledge of how to keep these children happy and this has a huge impact on their future social and emotional development.

Since early childcare education is so important for the overall development of a child, it is important for the healthcare practitioners to take specialised courses designed for this purpose. Whether you are a nurse or a general physician, a surgeon or a simply a patient care assistant, there is always room for improvement and therefore it is encouraged to learn new developments in childcare so that you can become excellent caregivers.

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