12 Reasons Why Blended Learning Matters

By Jibin Jacob|February 27, 2017|CEO’s message|0 comments

Blended learning has become very common nowadays; thanks to the internet and easy accessibility of learning resources available in the digital form. It involves a mixture of both traditional style of teaching and the modern digital media in which it is not necessary for the teacher and the student to be in the same room physically.
Here are 12 reasons why blended learning is essential in today’s fast paced world:
1. It saves time. This is thee most obvious reason for which this type of learning is adopted especially in the healthcare sector.
2. Educators can easily schedule one-on-one meetings with students.
3. It helps saves money. One of the major benefits of blended learning is that it saves considerable amounts of money for both students and teachers.
4. Students are able to benefit from standardized exams online. There is no fear of cheating as the exams are conducted using a computerized system.
5. The degrees are universally accepted. There is a standardized way of doing everything and therefore the degrees are accepted in all institutions around the world.
6. Facilitates communication. Online and face-to-face courses support better and more effective communication by offering various means of giving your point of view.
7. Arrange fun-filled lectures. Teachers are able to arrange entertaining activities and lectures that involve active research.
8. There is no need to grade each and every quiz and assignment. Again teachers are able to save time when they don’t have to hand over each and every quiz to the students.
9. No need for formal classrooms or lecture halls. While a classroom is still required for meetings and other sessions, there is no need to spend money on multimedia and the like.
10. Facilitates online group assignments. It is easy to get in touch with people online and so conducting group assignments becomes easy and straight forward.
11. Students learn how to conduct research online. Since almost everything is conducted online, students learn the tactics of researching on the internet and retrieving information they need quickly and effectively.
12. Supports multitasking. Everybody needs to achieve work-life balance in their time. Blended learning greatly helps in this regard since it supports multitasking and allows the student to schedule the tasks effectively to manage time.

Getting qualified in healthcare your own time is crucial to success no matter which field you have chosen. Take courses that facilitate blended learning and benefit from this promising opportunity for your long-term success in the healthcare sector. Online coursework allows one to download and keep saved the important lectures, materials, and even books for future reference and practice. It is undoubtedly the best medium of education for doctors and nurses

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