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Emergency Care and First Aid for Nurses

By Jibin Jacob|August 17, 2017|CEO’s message|0 comments

Since historic times, first aid has been an important component of medical care. Nurses are often the first to deal with patients who are in need of immediate care, and it is vital for them to be updated with knowledge of emergency care practices. Essentially, first aid is the initial assistance given to a victim of injury or illness, before he or […]

Why You Should Become a Childcare Educator?

By Jibin Jacob|July 18, 2017|CEO’s message|0 comments

If there is any stage in a person’s life that needs the support of a teacher or mentor more than anything else, that stage is the early childhood or early years of life. These years are the pre-school years when a child is unable to speak properly or express his or her feelings clearly. This is known as early childhood […]

Why Early Childcare Education Matters?

By Jibin Jacob|May 4, 2017|CEO’s message|0 comments

The early years in a child’s life are crucial to their overall physical and mental development. Even babies perceive everything they see, touch, hear, and feel. They are able to interpret things differently just like adults based on their circumstances. A child’s very first learning experience is the bond he or she develops with their parents. Early childcare education revolves […]

What does it Feel Like to be a Disability Care Worker?

By Jibin Jacob|April 11, 2017|CEO’s message|0 comments

Disability care workers are people who provide support and assistance to the physically and intellectually disabled individuals. At times the workers have to perform their duties inside a group home or a respite center where around 6 to 7 disabled people are accommodated. There are many positions available for those who would like to apply for this job and the […]

What Can Year 12 Students Study to Work in the Healthcare Industry?

By Jibin Jacob|March 21, 2017|CEO’s message|0 comments

The healthcare industry is always in need of fresh graduates as well as young enthusiasts who are ready to offer their services for a good cause. Year 12 students who wish to become future health professionals can take many short courses to prepare themselves for this challenging job. These courses are designed for medicine and health fields including a variety […]

Comparing Nursing between the Past and the Future

By Jibin Jacob|March 7, 2017|CEO’s message|0 comments

Nurses are the primary caregivers when it comes to healthcare settings including hospitals. It is therefore mandatory to define the role of nurses working at different tiers as well as clarify their scope of practice. Nursing is an ever-evolving field no matter which part of the world you live in. Nurses have to embrace changes in the technology on a […]

12 Reasons Why Blended Learning Matters

By Jibin Jacob|February 27, 2017|CEO’s message|0 comments

Blended learning has become very common nowadays; thanks to the internet and easy accessibility of learning resources available in the digital form. It involves a mixture of both traditional style of teaching and the modern digital media in which it is not necessary for the teacher and the student to be in the same room physically. Here are 12 reasons […]

Statistic of the Week: Overseas Nurses in Australia

By David Webb|January 6, 2016|CEO’s message|4 comments

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS, 2011) reported that 33% of nurses in Australia were born overseas. The top five countries of origin of Australian nurses born overseas were the United Kingdom (UK), India, Malaysia, China and New Zealand. Registered Nurses Nurses who are qualified in their home country have the opportunity to migrate to Australia and transfer their qualifications […]