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Statistic of the Week: Rates of Smoking Among Doctors and Nurses

By David Webb|December 16, 2015|Health and community services|0 comments

The role of nurses in the Australian healthcare system is crucial and that role includes educating patients to help improve their future health outcomes. The links between smoking and a variety of severe health conditions is such that implicitly advocating it through personal use would be at odds with this important mandate. The good news is, the vast majority of […]

Statistic of the Week: Rates of Admission to Hospital in Australia

By David Webb|December 9, 2015|Health and community servicesHealth and community services,Healthcare|0 comments

The 2014-15 Patient Experience Survey by the ABS found that 14% of Australians were admitted to hospital in the twelve months prior to the survey. A variety of factors appeared to influence the rate of hospital admission. 16% of people who identified as female were admitted, but only 11% of those who identified as male. 15% of people residing in […]