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Erosion of Care

By Aswathy|March 9, 2017|Aged Care|0 comments

Care erosion refers to a decline in the level of care given to patients in healthcare facilities. It has become a major public health issue all around the globe. There is a need to address this issue by finding the reasons behind it and taking steps to eradicate or minimize those causes. More registered nurses are required at each healthcare […]

Disability, Aged Care and Home Care – One Starting Point, Three Pathways

By David Webb|January 13, 2016|Aged CareAged Care,Australian EducationAged Care,Australian Education,Courses|0 comments

If you have been seeking a qualification in disability support, aged care or community care, then you could be forgiven for wondering why many of the courses out there are apparently being discontinued. The answer, and I have this on good authority, is because the Certificate III in Aged Care, Certificate III in Disability and the Certificate III in Home […]