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Preparation to care for confused older patients in general hospitals

By Jibin Jacob|August 29, 2017|Aged Care CoursesAged Care Courses,IHNA|0 comments

The WHO reports that there are at least 7.7 million new dementia cases across the world every year, and the health prognosis for such patients is poorer than for patients who do not have cognitive impairments. Many people have raised concerns about the adequacy of compassionate nursing care given to such patients in hospitals, strongly emphasizing the need for improvement […]

Why Should Overseas Nurses Take The IRON Program in Australia?

By Suhyb Irar|October 6, 2016|Nursing|0 comments

Each country has its own regulatory regime applicable to healthcare. Whilst experienced Nurses may be experts in their home country, differences between healthcare systems often necessitate programs of study to facilitate transition. In Australia, these are mandatory for Nurses from some countries. The Initial Registration for Overseas Registered Nurses (IRON) is a bridging program, also known as an Entry to […]

Become a Registered Nurse in Australia – Things you should know

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|April 11, 2016|Nursing|3 comments

Registered Nurses may be the most sought after healthcare position not only in Australia but also worldwide, as the demand for skilled and experienced RNs far outweighs the supply. This increasing demand for RNs is fuelled by multiple factors – among them being a sharp increase in the numbers of the ageing population, and a far greater need for chronic […]

Statistic of the Week: Shortage of Nurses in Australia

By David Webb|February 3, 2016|Australian EducationAustralian Education,Nursing|29 comments

According to the Australian Government’s (2012) Health Workforce 2025 report, a significant shortage of nurses in Australia has been predicted. The shortage of doctors projected was much smaller, at only 2700. In fact the report projected a shortfall of 109,000 nurses by 2025. One of the key findings was that Australia’s healthcare sector would “…continue to remain highly dependent on […]

Statistic of the Week: Hours of Work for Australian Nurses

By David Webb|January 27, 2016|Australian EducationAustralian Education,Nursing|1 comments

According to the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF, 2012), which is the main representative body for Australian nurses, the average nurse in Australia in 2011 worked 32.8 hours a week. In Australia a full time load is considered 38 hours per week. This average therefore reflects the fact that a portion of nurses work on a part time basis. In fact […]

Statistic of the Week: Which Nursing Skills are Most Important

By David Webb|January 13, 2016|Australian EducationAustralian Education,Nursing|0 comments

The Australian Government Department of Employment cites US department of labor statistics (2015) showing that, based on their research methodology, the nursing skill allocated the highest importance by study participants (85% importance) was social perceptiveness. Active listening (80% importance) and critical thinking (75% importance) also rated very highly. While medical knowledge topped the list of forms of knowledge required, it […]

Dementia: Why Should I Care?

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|September 28, 2015|Nursing|0 comments

In an article in the Australian Aging Agenda, September 18 2015, journalist Jackie Keast cited calls from aged care industry leaders for the inclusion of specific dementia content in undergraduate nursing curricula. While these calls have, as Keast mentions, been met with resistance from the higher education sector due to the requirement of undergraduate courses to prepare nurses for a […]