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Are our busy doctors and nurses losing empathy for patients?

By Aswathy|July 6, 2017|Healthcare|0 comments

It is well known that when patients are treated with empathy and kindness, their recovery rates are higher and they have better outcomes. Patients who receive compassionate care are emotionally better equipped to heal faster. What is empathy? Empathy is the ability to see things from the viewpoint of the other person. It should not be confused with sympathy- which […]

Introducing International Nurses to Aged Care

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|February 16, 2017|News|0 comments

The demand for aged care services is on the rise in Australia, and correspondingly the demand for aged care health professionals is increasing as well. The Department of Health and Ageing in 2010 predicted that the aged care workforce will need to almost triple before 2050. Keeping this in mind, Juniper, one of Western Australia’s leading providers of care and […]

English Australia Conference

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|September 26, 2016|News|0 comments

Two Institute of Health and Management employees, Sue Bidesi (Academic Manager, School of Communication and Languages) and David Webb (Research and Learning Support Information Officer) attended last week’s #English #Australia conference in Hobart, Tasmania. English Australia is a peak body for quality ELICOS and ESOL course providers and the conference was a gathering of great English minds and leaders from […]

Essential Training for Childcare Workers in Australia

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|September 23, 2016|News|1 comments

Looking after young children is a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. As an early childcare worker, you will be one of the adults whom the child is in constant contact with, and your interactions will have a profound impact on his or her subsequent learning and development. The period between the birth of a child and eight years of […]

Which Healthcare Qualification Should I Enroll In?

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|August 26, 2016|CoursesCourses,News|0 comments

If you wish to get a healthcare qualification in Australia, there are many different types and levels of qualifications that you can choose from.   What is the AQF and why is it relevant? The AQF or the Australian Qualifications Framework is maintained by the Federal Government, through its Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. The AQF is the […]

Celebrating Our Nurses & Midwives in The Gold Coast!

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|August 12, 2016|News|0 comments

Australia’s Gold Coast boasts some of the best nurses and midwives in the world. While today’s Florence Nightingales play a very different role from nurses of yesteryears, there’s still one attribute that has stood the test of time – and that’s genuine care for patients. As Griffith University Professor and Clinical Chair at Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) Jennifer Fenwick […]

Strategic Push to Boost Indigenous Nursing Numbers

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|August 8, 2016|News|0 comments

  A multi-pronged line of attack involving governments, the tertiary sector, and community groups is essential in order to increase Indigenous nursing numbers, a leading academic has stated.  Speaking via live video link from the United States, Linda Deravin-Malone, a Lecturer in Nursing in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health at Charles Sturt University, addressed the topic of […]

Why Nursing? Saving the future with a Career in Nursing

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|July 11, 2016|HealthcareHealthcare,News|2 comments

Following in the footsteps of Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton, nurses currently represent the largest group of healthcare workers in the United States. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates more than 2.7 million registered nurses are employed at hospitals, physician offices, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and working outside of what is considered the “typical” nurse-related work environment. […]

Interview With Natasha Davies: IHNA Nursing Student

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|June 15, 2016|IHNAIHNA,News|2 comments

Natasha Davies, our DON student, talks about her experience with IHNA and has some advice to offer nursing students. What made you decide to become a nurse? Was that a good decision? Why or why not? One of my first jobs as a teenager was in aged care.  After moving to Melbourne in the late 90’s I gained employment at […]

Registered Nurses (RNs) Segment Offers Huge Job Openings

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|May 17, 2016|Registered Nurse|6 comments

During the past few years, the Australian healthcare industry has witnessed the emergence of new unique specialty fields in nursing. Two important trends in the industry contributed heavily for the new changes stating an increased demand for Registered Nurses (RNs) and a tremendous technological advancement which changed the face of the Australian healthcare industry. It is expected that the demand […]

Aged Care Workers – Meeting the Deficit

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|May 5, 2016|Individual Support|4 comments

The Australian population is ageing at an unprecedented rate. There are increasing proportions of older people who will need support, and this is coupled with a greatly reduced population of working age who could possibly take care of them. Statistical studies show that in 2006, the proportion of people aged 65 and older in the Australian population was 13.2% – […]

Early Childhood Development – the Key to a Great Life!

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|April 25, 2016|Early Childhood Care|0 comments

It is well known that the period of early childhood marks the most rapid development of a human life. The window of time between conception, through birth, and till the child is eight years old is a very critical one to the moulding of the child’s cognitive, emotional and physical behavior in later life. It is considered that at least […]

The Folly of Safety Pins in the First Aid Kit

By David Webb|January 25, 2016|Australian EducationAustralian Education,Healthcare|1 comments

Last week I was working on some advertisements and a page on the website for the first aid certification course and CPR renewal course. You can view the page here. What you will not see now is the little stock photo I had originally used. I thought they looked great and lots of people were clicking on them. I even […]

eHealth Records in Australia – Some New(ish) Developments

By David Webb|December 14, 2015|HealthcareHealthcare,News And Technology|0 comments

The Healthcare Identifiers Act (2010) allows for an unspecified national registration agency to assign unique healthcare identifiers to patients, thus enabling the consistent storage and retrieval of information collected by multiple healthcare practitioners and facilities. This is an exciting development in eHealth in Australia. The Personally Controlled Electronic Records Act (2012) adds to this, with the stated objective, “to enable […]

Statistic of the Week: Rates of Admission to Hospital in Australia

By David Webb|December 9, 2015|Health and community servicesHealth and community services,Healthcare|0 comments

The 2014-15 Patient Experience Survey by the ABS found that 14% of Australians were admitted to hospital in the twelve months prior to the survey. A variety of factors appeared to influence the rate of hospital admission. 16% of people who identified as female were admitted, but only 11% of those who identified as male. 15% of people residing in […]

Charting Australia’s Future Healthcare Workforce

By David Webb|December 8, 2015|Australian EducationAustralian Education,Healthcare|0 comments

The Community Health and Skills Council’s ‘Building a Healthy Future’ 2015  Environmental Scan A new study by the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (CS&HISC) entitled  “Building a Healthy Future: Skills, Planning and Enterprise”  attempts to chart Australia’s  future workforce and skill development needs in the face of continuous evolution of industry issues. The 2015 Environmental Scan has been produced […]