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10 Tools that can help you learn new skills and organise your study

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|January 19, 2018|IHNA|0 comments

Today’s classrooms have moved beyond traditional brick and mortar classes, and innovative learning tools are the order of the day! At college level, more and more students are turning to learning apps to help to reinforce their learning, and to augment collaborative learning. With exams just around the corner, we’d like to highlight some ways in which technology can support […]

Preparation to care for confused older patients in general hospitals

By Jibin Jacob|August 29, 2017|Aged Care CoursesAged Care Courses,IHNA|0 comments

The WHO reports that there are at least 7.7 million new dementia cases across the world every year, and the health prognosis for such patients is poorer than for patients who do not have cognitive impairments. Many people have raised concerns about the adequacy of compassionate nursing care given to such patients in hospitals, strongly emphasizing the need for improvement […]

Here’s why we need nurse-resident ratios in aged care homes in Australia

By Jibin Jacob|July 10, 2017|IHNA|0 comments

With the aged-care numbers in Australia on the rise, today close to 200,000 elderly Australians are residents of aged care homes. At least 80 per cent of them require high care, because they have dementia, chronic pain, incontinence, sleep disorders or depression, or a combination of these disorders. Managing these conditions requires the experience and expertise of a team of […]

Why Nursing is the Most Trusted Profession

By Jibin Jacob|June 6, 2017|IHNA|0 comments

For the fifteenth consecutive year, the Gallup poll has ranked nursing as the most trusted profession, and nurses as the professionals who uphold the highest ethical standards out of a wide range of professions, including doctors, police personnel and teachers. This poll reflects the trust that the public hold in nurses; and truly, whether by the bedside or in the […]

I took my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and care. What’s the Next Step?

By Jibin Jacob|March 27, 2017|IHNA|0 comments

Working in childcare is something many people want to adopt as a full-time profession. But usually they are unsure of what path to take especially when it comes to early education and childcare education in Australia. The students are required to complete their Diploma in which practical knowledge and workplace experiences are usually practiced. There are higher qualifications available in […]

Erosion of Care

By Aswathy|March 9, 2017|Aged Care|0 comments

Care erosion refers to a decline in the level of care given to patients in healthcare facilities. It has become a major public health issue all around the globe. There is a need to address this issue by finding the reasons behind it and taking steps to eradicate or minimize those causes. More registered nurses are required at each healthcare […]

10 Reasons Why Medication Calculation is Essential for Nurses

By Aswathy|February 22, 2017|IHNA|0 comments

Drug or medication calculation is a skill all nurses and practitioners should practice and master. However, it’s not an easy task and many nurses are unsure whether they can accurately do all the mathematics involved. It is therefore essential for registered nurses as well as midwives and practitioners in general to master this skill. Here are 10 reasons why medication […]

3 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming A Childcare Worker

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|September 28, 2016|Courses|0 comments

Early childhood education is a career field that is becoming increasingly popular, especially among those who enjoy young children and have a desire to help to shape their learning. This growing field has opened up many different job opportunities; you can work with children right from birth to grade 3 or so, which is 8 years of age. You should […]

Which Healthcare Qualification Should I Enroll In?

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|August 26, 2016|CoursesCourses,News|0 comments

If you wish to get a healthcare qualification in Australia, there are many different types and levels of qualifications that you can choose from.   What is the AQF and why is it relevant? The AQF or the Australian Qualifications Framework is maintained by the Federal Government, through its Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. The AQF is the […]

All About Becoming a Registered Nurse in Australia

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|July 29, 2016|CoursesCourses,IHNACourses,IHNA,registered nurse|0 comments

Registered Nurses may be the most sought after healthcare position not only in Australia but also worldwide, as the demand for skilled and experienced RNs far outweighs the supply. This increasing demand for RNs is fuelled by multiple factors – among them being a sharp increase in the numbers of the ageing population, and a far greater need for chronic […]

Different Tracks to Become a Registered Nurse in Australia

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|June 29, 2016|CoursesCourses,IHNACourses,IHNA,registered nurse|2 comments

Nursing is a career that helps you to truly make a difference in the lives of others and give back to the community. As a nurse you can go places and see the world − skilled nurses are always in demand and much sought after in any country. As a profession, nursing is continually evolving and you will always have […]

Interview With Natasha Davies: IHNA Nursing Student

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|June 15, 2016|IHNAIHNA,News|2 comments

Natasha Davies, our DON student, talks about her experience with IHNA and has some advice to offer nursing students. What made you decide to become a nurse? Was that a good decision? Why or why not? One of my first jobs as a teenager was in aged care.  After moving to Melbourne in the late 90’s I gained employment at […]

How to Become a Registered Nurse (RN)

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|June 10, 2016|CoursesCourses,IHNA|2 comments

Nursing is one of the most sought after professions in healthcare and can be a highly rewarding and fulfilling career option. As a nurse, you can make a huge difference in the lives of the people you care for. You can work to flexible timings, work part time or full time as you wish, and make excellent wages.

Top 3 Nursing Courses

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|June 3, 2016|CoursesCourses,IHNA|5 comments

If you have made the decision to take up nursing in Australia, you have chosen a career path that is very rewarding and satisfying, and one that is an integral part of the healthcare system of the country. Nurses are the backbone of any medical institute- their caring, compassionate and dedicated service is what makes patients get better! Nurses are […]

ADN Degree Vs Nursing Diploma

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|May 31, 2016|CoursesCourses,IHNA|0 comments

The HLT51612 Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2 Nursing) qualification is for those who wish to start their career in Nursing. It is suitable both for school leavers and for mature aged students who wish to make a career change and take up nursing, but have no experience in the field. This Nursing Diploma is also suitable for those who are […]

Diploma of Nursing – Your Pathway to a Rewarding Career

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|March 7, 2016|Courses|7 comments

So you have made a decision to take up nursing — congratulations, you have chosen a very noble profession that makes a significant contribution to your community! A nurse is an integral part of the healthcare profession, and can be said to be the backbone of any hospital. Nursing is a profession that is in very high demand in Australia. […]

Disability, Aged Care and Home Care – One Starting Point, Three Pathways

By David Webb|January 13, 2016|Aged CareAged Care,Australian EducationAged Care,Australian Education,Courses|0 comments

If you have been seeking a qualification in disability support, aged care or community care, then you could be forgiven for wondering why many of the courses out there are apparently being discontinued. The answer, and I have this on good authority, is because the Certificate III in Aged Care, Certificate III in Disability and the Certificate III in Home […]

IHNA represented at Amsterdam for the NETNEP Conference (5th International Nurse Education Conference)

By Institute of Health & Nursing Australia|June 19, 2014|IHNA|0 comments

Gulzar Malik, our Re-entry to Nursing Program Coordinator, is representing IHNA to present a paper titled Development and Implementation of a Blended Teaching & Learning Model for Re-entry to Nursing practice Students: An Australian Experience’ at the 5th International Nurse Education Conference (NETNEP). NETNEP is being held from 22 to 25 June 2014 in the Netherlands and will see delegates […]